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Two soundwalkers on the War Bar Soundwalk, Warwick Bar, Birmingham, West Midlands, Liminal, 2006. Photo: Liminal.

Warwick Bar Soundwalk

Liminal was engaged to work with Kinetic AIU architects on the masterplan for Warwick, Bar, an industrial site south of Birmingham City Centre, undertaking projects that explored the sound qualities of the area.

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Tintagel communication cone (detail), 2005, Tintagel Primary School. Artist and photographer, Michael Fairfax.

Lead Artists on Design Teams

Michael Fairfax’s brief as lead artist for the Living Legends project in Tintagel included developing a uniquely inspiring theme and design for the village square, nature area and a circular trail.

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Emerald Laser Lawn, Dan Corson, 2007 Huzienga Plaza, Broward County, Florida, USA. Green lasers at low level playing out patterns across the lawn. Photo: Dan Corson.

Broward Lighting Project

Broward Lighting Project was an art commission in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, comprising two related light–artworks by the Seattle-based artist Dan Corson. The artist overcame a number of difficulties to make the project successful.

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