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Touchstone seen through squeezer stile, Tintagel, 2006. Artist and photographer, Michael Fairfax (detail).

How artists can work with design teams on capital projects: An Arts Consultant's Perspective

Written by Sam Wilkinson in 2004, this paperwork considers the benefits of having an artist work as part of a design team, with the opportunity to have a fundamental influence on the outcome of the development.

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Reflections on Collaboration - Feasibility and Sustainability


Public art research


Consultation in Public Art Practice More collaboration

Practical advice

Digital Litter, The Ponds Parkland, by Marcus Tatton

Policies, Strategies and Guidance

Includes examples of public art policy, strategy and guidance documents adopted by District, County Unitary Authorities, and national governments in the UK. Also, a links page for national planning policies and guidance.

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Commissioning Guidelines

Local authorities

Public Art and Planning

Advice for artists

Insurance for Artists More practical advice


The Met Office, Exeter

Art at the Met Office

This is the first time that the Met Office has commissioned artists to work in collaboration with staff and to benefit from the unexpected insights that arise from dialogue between artists and scientists.

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Patient Environments and the Arts

Environment & landscape

Art in the Travelling Landscape: Hi-Views


Positive Places, Look Ahead Housing and Care, Public Art Programme More reports

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