Perhaps rediscovering places is what artists and architects can do together. Jeff Kelley

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Case studies

The Blue House. Photo copyright Irene den Hartoog.

The Blue House, lJburg, Amsterdam

The Blue House is a pioneering artist-led project in the new man made urban district of IJburg, Amsterdam.The Blue House has been taken off the market for four years, during which time it will act as a centre for cultural production, researching into and documenting the genesis and evolution of IJburg’s community.

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The Arnolfini Centre for Contemporary Arts, Bristol


Cabot Circus, Bristol


Mur Island More case studies


shillyshallyfence by Walter Jack (2006) at Frome Children's Centre.  Photo: Walter Jack.

Funding: Sources for Public Art

This section offers listings of a wide variety of sources of funding for public art, with contact details. The information is regularly checked and updated.

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Positive Places, Look Ahead Housing and Care, Public Art Programme


Commissioning Guidelines: Modus Operandi

Local authorities

Public Art and Planning More resources

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