Public art, in all its diversity, can mediate all spaces as Places. John Newling

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You dirty spoon: Ania Bas

b-side festival programme

The 4th b-side festival entitled 'Flip the Switch' will launch on Friday the 5th of September from 6 to 9.30pm at St George’s CCT Church, Portland, Dorset and marks the start of 10 days of live art, sound, visual art, film and installation all exclusively hosted this year on the Isle of Portland.

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Hole Story - Open Call for Artists


The Evolution of Shell Lace Structure


This Is Not A Gateway - open submission More news

Case studies

Entrance to Oxbridge Home Zone, Lowestoft, 2003. Photo: Les Bicknell.

Oxbridge Homezone

The Oxbridge Home Zone in Lowestoft is one of over sixty Home Zone projects across England but the only one to have employed a lead visual artist as a member of its professional team.

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The Great Promenade Show


Utilities and Environmental Protection Department, Calgary - Report 1


Poole Streetscape Manual More case studies


The Met Office, Exeter

Art at the Met Office

This is the first time that the Met Office has commissioned artists to work in collaboration with staff and to benefit from the unexpected insights that arise from dialogue between artists and scientists.

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Reflections on Collaboration - Feasibility and Sustainability


How artists can work with design teams on capital projects: An Arts Consultant's Perspective


Consultation in Public Art Practice More resources

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