Public art is not an art form, it's simply a way of improving the changing environment through the arts. PASW

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Emma Critchley, When the Water Recede, (sketch, 2016);

Climate Change in Residence: Future Scenario

Culture and Climate Change, a collaboration between the University of Sheffield, The Open University and the Ashden Trust is pleased to announce Emma Critchley, Lena Dobrowolska & Teo Ormond-Skeaping and Zoë Svendson as the selected artists for Climate Change in Residence: Future Scenarios.

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Tracking The Process Of Abandonment: Victoria Lucas’ Decaying Urban Spaces


The AA2A project - 2016 More news

Case studies

Shelter in stainless steel at the Spacemakers' public space, Hartcliffe, Bristol. Co-designed by landscape architect Loci Design and sculptor Calum Stirling, fabricated by Calum Stirling, 2004. Photo: Loci Design.

Spacemakers, Hartcliffe, Bristol

Spacemakers was a two-year project in which young people, aged between thirteen and fifteen, designed a public space within their own community in the Hartcliffe and Withywood area of Bristol.

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Electric Wharf


Cabot Circus, Bristol


The High Line More case studies


Ice Bear, Trafalgar Square, London, 2009.

Insurance for Artists

There is more information about Public Liability and Professional Indemnity for Artists on our specially commissioned information sheet.

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Landcom Public Art Guidelines, New South Wales, Australia


How artists can work with design teams on capital projects: An Arts Consultant's Perspective


New Public Art Fund for Scotland More resources

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