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Photo: London 1666, work in progress, designed by David Best in collaboration with Artichoke. Photograph by Matthew Andrews

London's Burning

Uncover the stories of the Great Fire of London with Great Fire 350, a series of events across the City of London and beyond. Audiences are encouraged to pick from talks, exhibitions and performances telling the Great Fire's stories big and small, including London's Burning, a festival of arts and ideas produced by Artichoke, and running from the 30th of August to the 4th of September 2016.

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Walk, Hands, Eyes (Plymouth)


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Case studies

The Harrison Studio Britain, Newton Harrison/Helen Mayer Harrison, David Haley, Gabriel Harrison, Chris Fremantle: The Lee Valley, a reversal of 30-year projections.

Greenhouse Britain: The 30 Year Now

The Harrison Studio was commissioned to draw up far-reaching proposals that address the issue of climate change in the Lee Valley in Essex. The project aimed to change the way we think about global warming.

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Luci D'Artista


Primary Space - Dalry Primary School, North Ayrshire, Scotland More case studies


Digital Litter, The Ponds Parkland, by Marcus Tatton

Policies, Strategies and Guidance

Includes examples of public art policy, strategy and guidance documents adopted by District, County Unitary Authorities, and national governments in the UK. Also, a links page for national planning policies and guidance.

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Guidelines for Commissioning and Selecting Artists and Craftspeople


Commissioning Guidelines


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