Public art, in all its diversity, can mediate all spaces as Places. John Newling

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The Evolution of Shell Lace Structure

Architects Tonkin Liu have published a new book titled 'The Evolution of Shell Lace Structure', to coincide with an exhibition at the Royal Institute of British Architects, London, which runs from the 3rd of September to the 8th of October 2014.

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35 Years of Scottish Sculpture Workshop


Papergirl Blackburn


The Influence of Furniture on Love More news

Case studies

Entrance to Oxbridge Home Zone, Lowestoft, 2003. Photo: Les Bicknell.

Oxbridge Homezone

The Oxbridge Home Zone in Lowestoft is one of over sixty Home Zone projects across England but the only one to have employed a lead visual artist as a member of its professional team.

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Irwell Sculpture Trail


Primary Space - Dalry Primary School, North Ayrshire, Scotland


Solid Waste Management Facility More case studies


The Saltley Geyser by David Cotterrell. Commissioned by Shillam+ Smith Architecture and Urbanism. Photo: Grant Smith.

Consultation in Public Art Practice

‘Consultation’ within a public art commission can vary as widely as the nature of public art commissioning itself. This information sheet aims to highlight good examples and creative ways of working.

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Policies, Strategies and Guidance


How artists can work with design teams on capital projects: An Arts Consultant's Perspective


An Artist's Perspective: Remember What Jack Said More resources

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