The new public art demands and invites communication and the engagement of others. Mary Jane Jacobs

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Gillian Wearing, We Are Here (video still), 2014, colour video with sound, 21 minutes © Gillian Wearing, Courtesy Maureen Paley, London

Gillian Wearing: We Are Here

The New Art Gallery Walsall will present a new single-screen video work by British photographer and film-maker Gillian Wearing. The exhibition entitled 'We Are Here', is open daily on floor four of the gallery, from the 18th of July to the 12th of October 2014.

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High Street High Line - Camden Collective


The Geometrical Determination of the Sunrise


Figure Ground's Public Art Road Trip More news

Case studies

The Blue House. Photo copyright Irene den Hartoog.

The Blue House, lJburg, Amsterdam

The Blue House is a pioneering artist-led project in the new man made urban district of IJburg, Amsterdam.The Blue House has been taken off the market for four years, during which time it will act as a centre for cultural production, researching into and documenting the genesis and evolution of IJburg’s community.

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Electric Wharf


Stour Valley Art Project More case studies


shillyshallyfence by Walter Jack (2006) at Frome Children's Centre.  Photo: Walter Jack.

Funding: Sources for Public Art

This section offers listings of a wide variety of sources of funding for public art, with contact details. The information is regularly checked and updated.

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