Artists are not miracle workers - they're just another alternative. Mary Jane Jacobs

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The Charter of the Forest

Public Works has announced an event to mark the anniversary of The Charter of the Forest, which was first issued on the 6th of November in 1217 as a complementary charter to the Magna Carta. The evening will start with a talk by Ben Cowell, Regional Director, National Trust followed by: Rewilding, a performance workshop by The FLOCK / Grow Art Collective and will end with For the love of trees: a short dramatic monologue by Natasha Langridge.

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Biofuels Project


Fresh Art Festival at Southmead Hospital


Enlighten Manchester More news

Case studies

Shelter in stainless steel at the Spacemakers' public space, Hartcliffe, Bristol. Co-designed by landscape architect Loci Design and sculptor Calum Stirling, fabricated by Calum Stirling, 2004. Photo: Loci Design.

Spacemakers, Hartcliffe, Bristol

Spacemakers was a two-year project in which young people, aged between thirteen and fifteen, designed a public space within their own community in the Hartcliffe and Withywood area of Bristol.

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Lead Artists on Design Teams


Central Library, Seattle


Maintenance of Public Art - Comparative Report More case studies


Trinity Buoy Studios

Reflections on Collaboration - Feasibility and Sustainability

Public Art South West has commissioned public artist Lee Simmons to write about her practice, specifically the various collaborative methods she has been part of and how sustainable they may or may not be.

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An Artist's Perspective: Remember What Jack Said

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Landcom Public Art Guidelines, New South Wales, Australia

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Guidelines for Commissioning and Selecting Artists and Craftspeople More resources

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