Artists are not miracle workers - they're just another alternative. Mary Jane Jacobs

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'Witches Knickers' by Joanne Lee

A Green and Pleasant Land? Rural Life in Art

In Certain Places present artworks by Rebecca Chesney, Joanne Lee and Abigail Townsend, as part of the Harris Museum & Art Gallery's summer show 'A Green and Pleasant Land? Rural Life in Art'.The exhibition, which runs until the end of September, explores how artists have been inspired by rural heritage, from the romantic to the real.

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2016 Alexandra Reinhardt Memorial Award Artist Residency


Edinburgh Art Festival Commissions Programme 2015


Barbara Hepworth: Sculpture for a Modern World More news

Case studies

Two soundwalkers on the War Bar Soundwalk, Warwick Bar, Birmingham, West Midlands, Liminal, 2006. Photo: Liminal.

Warwick Bar Soundwalk

Liminal was engaged to work with Kinetic AIU architects on the masterplan for Warwick, Bar, an industrial site south of Birmingham City Centre, undertaking projects that explored the sound qualities of the area.

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Daubeney Primary School


Spacemakers, Hartcliffe, Bristol


Quarry 2 More case studies


Animal Wall, Gitta Gschwendtner. Cardiff Bay housing development. Photo: Safle

Guidelines for Commissioning and Selecting Artists and Craftspeople

The selection of an artist or craftsperson for a public art commission should be an intriguing and exciting task but it can also be fraught with difficulties.

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Reflections on Collaboration - Feasibility and Sustainability

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Public Art and Planning


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